Ultrasound Technician Salary in Columbus, OH


How much does an Ultrasound Tech make in Columbus, OH?

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for ultrasound technicians (diagnostic medical sonographers) in Columbus, OH is $80,110. This is Below the national average of $84,410.

Note: Source of the data is Bureau of Labor Statistics. The total numbers given below for each parameter (such as hourly or annual salaries, jobs employment, etc) are for Columbus, OH as a total and not only for Columbus, OH.

With 530 employed ultrasound technicians in the area, this occupation makes up 0.495 per 1,000 jobs in Columbus, OH and has a location quotient of 0.9 compared to the national average.

Ultrasound Technician Salary in Columbus, OH – Overview

  • The average hourly salary for ultrasound techs in Columbus, OH is $38.51.
  • Ultrasound technologists in the bottom 10% earn $31.63 per hour or $65,800 annually.
  • Those in the bottom 25% earn $36.71 per hour or $76,360 per year.
  • The median or average salary is $38.29 per hour or $79,640 annually.
  • In the top 25%, Columbus, OH sonographers make $40.52 per hour or $84,290 per year.
  • The highest paid ultrasound technologists in the top 10% earn $46.29 per hour or $96,290 annually.

Let’s dive deeper into the wage distribution:

Average Earnings: What Can an Ultrasound Technician Expect in Columbus, OH?

Wage Distribution: How Do Salaries Vary Among Ultrasound Technicians in Columbus, OH?

  • Starting Out: If you’re starting as an ultrasound technician, you might find yourself earning around $31.63 per hour or $65,800 per year.
  • Early Career: With a bit more experience, earnings around $36.71 per hour or $76,360 per year are common.
  • Most Common: The median wage sits at $38.29 per hour or $79,640 per year. This means half of the ultrasound technicians in Columbus, OH earn more than this, while the other half earns less.
  • Experienced: Those in the top 25% of earners take home around $40.52 per hour or $84,290 per year.
  • Top Earners: The highest earners, the top 10%, make about $46.29 per hour or $96,290 per year.

How Many Ultrasound Technicians Are There in Columbus, OH?

In Columbus, OH, there’s a sizable community of ultrasound technicians. As of latest, 530 of them were employed across the total area of Columbus, OH.

Is Columbus, OH a Good State for Ultrasound Technicians?

The location quotient of 0.9 indicates that Columbus, OH has a slightly lower concentration of ultrasound technicians than the national average. Moreover, there are approximately 0.495 ultrasound technician jobs per 1,000 total jobs in the Columbus, OH.

Overall, Ultrasound techs in Columbus, OH earn a competitive wage, with a mean hourly wage of $38.51 and a median wage of $38.29 per hour. With the state having a slightly lower concentration of these professionals than the national average, it suggests a healthy demand for their services in the region.

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