Surgical Technologist Salary in 2023


How much do surgical techs make? Surgical technologists, also known as surgical technicians or operating room techs, play a vital role in healthcare by assisting in surgical operations. As interest in this career continues to grow, many prospective surgical techs wonder – how much do surgical techs make? Here’s an overview of typical surgical technologist …

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Anesthesia Technician Salary in 2023: Complete Guide


How Much Does an Anesthesia Technician Make? Understanding Anesthesia Technician Salary An anesthesia technician’s salary depends on several key factors, including location, work setting, experience level, and specialty. Examining average pay scales and top-paying regions provides valuable insight for individuals interested in pursuing this career path in the healthcare industry. What is an Anesthesia Technician? …

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Ultrasound Tech Salary in 2023: Complete Guide


How much does an ultrasound technician make? So in summary, ultrasound tech salaries can range from around $60,000 on the lower end up to over $115,000 in high paying states and cities. The national median is approximately $80,000. Understanding Ultrasound Tech Salary Ultrasound technicians, also known as diagnostic medical sonographers, use specialized equipment to produce …

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