Anesthesia Technician Salary in 2023: Complete Guide


How Much Does an Anesthesia Technician Make?

  • Anesthesia technicians in the U.S. have an average annual salary of $69,000, ranging from $50,000 for entry-level positions to over $100,000 for experienced technicians working in high-paying states and specialties.
  • The top-paying states for anesthesia techs are Oregon ($80,000), Washington ($78,000), California ($76,000), Massachusetts ($75,000), and Alaska ($74,000).
  • Major cities with the highest salaries include San Francisco ($85,000), Boston ($83,000), Seattle ($80,000), Portland ($79,000), and Anchorage ($78,000).
  • The highest-paying industries are pharmaceutical manufacturing ($79,000), medical device manufacturing ($77,000), scientific research ($76,000), hospitals ($74,000), and dental offices ($72,000).

Understanding Anesthesia Technician Salary

An anesthesia technician’s salary depends on several key factors, including location, work setting, experience level, and specialty. Examining average pay scales and top-paying regions provides valuable insight for individuals interested in pursuing this career path in the healthcare industry.

What is an Anesthesia Technician?

Anesthesia technicians assist anesthesiologists in preparing and monitoring patients before, during, and after surgical procedures requiring anesthesia. Their main duties include setting up anesthesia equipment, monitoring patient vital signs, maintaining airway devices, mixing medications, documenting anesthesia records, and handling emergencies. Most anesthesia techs work in operating rooms, surgical centers, dental offices, and other medical settings.

What are the Different Types of Anesthesia Technicians?

There are two main types of anesthesia technicians:

  • Certified Anesthesia Technicians (CATs) have completed formal training programs and passed the Certified Anesthesia Technician Exam.
  • Anesthesia Technician Apprentices receive on-the-job training to learn anesthesia care. After 2-3 years experience, they can take the certification exam.

What Factors Affect Anesthesia Technician Salary?

  • Geographic location – Cost of living and demand for anesthesia services
  • Years of experience and specialty certifications
  • Type of facility – Hospital, private practice, dental office, etc.
  • Work setting – Operating room, ICU, pain clinic, physician office
  • Size of facility – Large hospitals pay more
  • Overtime hours

Top-Paying States for Anesthesia Technicians

The top-paying states for anesthesia techs are:

  1. Oregon – $80,000
  2. Washington – $78,000
  3. California – $76,000
  4. Massachusetts – $75,000
  5. Alaska – $74,000

List of States with Hourly and Annual Median Salary for Anesthesia Technicians

StateHourly Median SalaryAnnual Median Salary
New Hampshire$32.18$66,934
New Jersey$34.06$70,845
New Mexico$30.38$63,190
New York$34.60$71,968
North Carolina$29.85$62,088
North Dakota$31.36$65,229
Rhode Island$34.06$70,885
South Carolina$29.77$61,922
South Dakota$30.91$64,293
West Virginia$25.00$52,000

Cost of Living Considerations

The West Coast and Northeast have a higher cost of living that contributes to higher wages. So anesthesia tech salary adjusted for cost of living may be lower in high-paying states and higher in more rural areas.

Major cities with the highest anesthesia tech salaries are:

  1. San Francisco, CA – $85,000
  2. Boston, MA – $83,000
  3. Seattle, WA – $80,000
  4. Portland, OR – $79,000
  5. Anchorage, AK – $78,000

List of Cities with Median Hourly and Annual Salary for Anesthesia Technicians

CityHourly Median SalaryAnnual Median Salary
San Francisco, CA$40.87$85,000
Seattle, WA$38.46$80,012
Boston, MA$39.90$83,000
Denver, CO$35.58$74,006
New York, NY$38.94$81,035
Chicago, IL$33.10$68,850
Portland, OR$38.02$79,122
Honolulu, HI$32.50$67,600
Anchorage, AK$37.50$78,000
Sacramento, CA$35.54$73,923
Minneapolis, MN$34.33$71,406
Philadelphia, PA$33.85$70,408
Houston, TX$31.25$65,000
Las Vegas, NV$32.95$68,536
Los Angeles, CA$35.90$74,672
Atlanta, GA$31.73$66,038
San Diego, CA$35.10$73,008
Baltimore, MD$32.50$67,600
Dallas, TX$30.68$63,814
Phoenix, AZ$32.02$66,602

Top-Paying Industries for Anesthesia Technicians

Anesthesia techs can work in various medical settings beyond hospitals and surgery centers. Salaries can vary significantly across industries.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – $79,000
  • Medical Device Manufacturing – $77,000
  • Scientific Research and Development – $76,000
  • General Hospitals – $74,000
  • Dentist Offices – $72,000
  • Government – $70,000
  • Universities – $69,000
  • Physician Offices – $67,000
  • Home Healthcare Services – $63,000
  • Outpatient Care Centers – $62,000

Job Responsibilities and Work Environment of Anesthesia Technicians

Anesthesia techs play a vital role assisting anesthesiologists in fast-paced medical environments. Key duties include:

  • Preparing anesthesia equipment
  • Monitoring patient vitals and adjusting anesthesia levels
  • Managing airway devices
  • Recording anesthesia records
  • Responding quickly to emergencies
  • Stocking supplies and disinfecting equipment

They work primarily in operating rooms, procedure rooms, and intensive care units. The job requires stamina to be on your feet, attention to detail, and ability to perform under pressure.

Job Outlook and Career Opportunities

The job outlook for anesthesia techs is very strong due to excellent projected growth and abundant career development opportunities.

Job Growth Projections

Employment for anesthesia technicians is expected to grow 19% from 2020-2030, over 3 times the average for all occupations. An aging population requiring more surgeries will drive demand.

Emerging Specialties and Technologies

Anesthesia techs can specialize in areas like pediatrics, obstetrics, orthopedics, neurology, cardiac surgery, pain management, and outpatient clinics. Mastering new technologies like TIVA, ultrasounds, and respiratory gas analyzers can improve job prospects.

Advancement Opportunities

With experience, anesthesia technicians may advance into lead tech, training supervisor, or administrative roles. Many pursue nursing degrees or advanced certifications for more responsibility. Some leverage their expertise to become medical sales reps.

Conclusion: Choosing a Career as an Anesthesia Technician

Anesthesia techs fill a critical niche in healthcare, with strong job stability and solid earning potential. They get to work with cutting-edge technology and gain valued patient care skills. This career path offers job security, high demand, and excellent salaries—especially for dedicated professionals who pursue experience and specialty expertise. For those seeking meaningful work in healthcare, becoming an anesthesia technician can lead to satisfaction, financial stability, and abundant opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Anesthesia techs earn an average salary of $69,000 nationally.
  • The highest salaries are in the West Coast and Northeast.
  • Years of experience, certifications, facility type, and work setting impact pay.
  • Job demand for anesthesia techs is projected to grow 19% by 2030.
  • Continuing education and specialization provide career advancement opportunities.

Resources to Learn More

For more information about becoming an anesthesia technician, consult the following resources:

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