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average radiology nurse salaryWhat is a radiology nurse? He or she is a medical professional who works with patients who need either interventional, diagnostic, or therapeutic radiology procedures. This is a fairly broad field, but it focuses on using medical technology to help manage, treat, and diagnose a variety of different medical conditions.

In addition to being qualified nurses, these professionals also acquire knowledge and technical expertise in the machines used in this type of practice. This additional expertise might be gained through formal classes and on-the-job training in a medical setting.

Average Radiology Nurse Salary

Typically, the best resource to find out how much people with different professions expect to make is the US BLS, or Bureau of Labor statistics. However, this resource does not separate this specialty type of nursing form other types of nursing. According to the BLS, nursing salaries ranged from a minimum of $44,000 to a maximum of $96,000 a year. So, what is an average radiology nurse salary?

The next step is to check job listing. According to one major medical professional job website, a radiology nurse salary might range from a minimum of $45,000 to a maximum of just about $75,000, so these salaries are pretty much in line with nursing in general. However, these are starting salaries, and experienced RNs with experience in radiology or nurse managers might expect to earn over $100,000 a year.

Different Kinds Of Radiology

Since radiology covers a broad range of different treatments, diagnostic procedures, and therapies, radiology nurses may become very specialized in a specific field. These are some examples of different specialties.

Neuroradiology: This is the use of machines to image the spine, head, brain, and neck. This practice might use a variety of different diagnostic machines, and these include CT scans, MRI scans, X-ray machines, and ultrasound machines.

Nuclear radiology: This type of diagnostic imaging uses very tiny quantities of radioactive material. The types of scans used for this include PET scans, CT scans, and Gamma Images.

Is Radiology Nursing A Good Career

According to the BLS, the demand for qualified nurses is expect to grow in the next ten years. As more specialized equipment is used in high-tech medicine, there is bound to be a growth in the demand for nurses who also have technical expertise. The average radiology nurse salary is already quite good, and will continue to grow into a very large one after a nurse gains experience.



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