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What Is Geriatric Physiotherapy?

geriatric physiotherapy

Clinics specializing in geriatric physiotherapy never run out of work. Aging seniors have ailments and problems in significantly greater numbers than just about any other age group. Their health care is challenging, but very rewarding.

Geriatric physiotherapy became an area of physical therapy research in 1989. Ever since that time, physiotherapists have been working to fully understand the health issues of the aging population. There is a very long list of health problems dealt with in geriatric physical rehabilitation.

Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, equilibrium problems, cancers, heart disease, urinary incontinence, joint replacement, lung diseases, strokes, and osteoporosis are just a some of the problems dealt with through rehab for our aging population. Physiotherapists use a full range of treatment plans for these health problems.

The kinds of health issues dealt with in geriatric physiotherapy are grouped into three distinct categories. One specific group are the issues that occur because the patient simply does not or cannot use their arms and legs or just doesn’t exercise. These types of health problems can be treated by reconditioning through range-of-motion exercise routines as well as other types of workouts.

Yet another category is concerned with cardiovascular diseases, such as heart problems and also strokes. The physical rehabilitation specialist has an assortment of resources at their disposal to deal with these types of conditions. Exercises, water therapies, electrical stimulation, and even more can be applied.

The last category is skeletal problems. Geriatric rehabilitation can help those who have these problems, which can include osteoporosis as well as osteoarthritis. These kinds of health issues call for special awareness as osteoporosis can cause patients to be more frail while osteoarthritis is extremely painful.

Since falls are such a real issue, the osteoporosis treatment is critical. In combination with that, geriatric physiotherapy is a major contributor to preventing a lot of falls as a result of their work with balance and walking. A number of practices concentrate totally on balance problems for aging adults.

Most of the work in this area of physiotherapy isn’t directed at getting patients back to their previous states of health. The most significant objectives are that the patient is able to function to the best of their abilities. Carrying out everyday activities while experiencing an unconfined existence are very important solutions.

On top of that, geriatric therapy can certainly have a very powerful impact on an individual’s ability to benefit from physical pursuits. Playing golf is a physical activity that a lot of mature adults enjoy. It can be a very risky sports activity for the aging senior if they’re not in shape to play the game. It does offer quite a few health and fitness benefits when you are in condition.

Geriatric rehab can easily focus on physical exercises to get an older adult in condition to play sports such as golf. This approach strengthens them in a number of different ways. Since this kind of therapy allows them to play golf, it will also make them even more healthy, both mentally and physically. Seeing that depression symptoms is an ever increasing concern among aging adults, any assistance they can get in this particular area is welcomed.

Still another role of geriatric physical therapy is to facilitate rehabilitation following knee or hip replacement surgeries. Men and women who have these types of operations may very well walk in quite a different way than before the operation. This can impact on their abilities to accomplish daily tasks, and also their total well being. Physiotherapists can certainly help.

A lot of people decide to start physical therapy as a way to function and get around better. Other people are sent to physiotherapy treatment centers by their doctors for very specific health issues. While many others find themselves in geriatric therapy care in hospitals or nursing homes following some sort of accident or illness. Just about all of these people can be helped by geriatric physiotherapy.

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