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what is a lpnIn case you’re thinking about becoming a LPN, you might question if it’s the best option for you. Registered nurses seem to get all of the glory, right? However a Licensed Practical Nurse is actually the real anchor in a lot of healthcare centers. For you to fully grasp that you need to reflect on and realize what is a LPN.

So what is a LPN? LPN is an acronym for Licensed Practical Nurse, and LPNs happen to be in high demand. LPNs carry out a whole lot of the “practical,” as the name indicates, work around healthcare locations. LPNs are likewise referred to as licensed vocational nurses, and do some of the more essential tasks connected with taking care of patients.

What exactly is a Licensed Practical Nurse typically responsible for in a medical facility? Essentially, almost all of the hands-on patient care such as taking vital signs, getting patients ready for medical tests, taking specimens and then sending these specimens to the lab, and making sure that lab reports get back to the physician for assessment.

Yet another thing lots of people do not realize when wanting to know what is a LPN, is that LPNs perform first aid on minor injuries, and also help doctors with stitches; these are in most cases Licensed Practical Nurse tasks.

LPNs are in addition the primary caretakers of patients in hospitals, taking care of the patient’s personal hygiene, water supply and all round well-being. A lot of patients believe that these personal needs are taken care of by aides and have absolutely no idea that a LPN performs most of these duties. However they are truly grateful for the care and attention that they are given, and appreciate the LPNs help just the same.

In almost every surgical situation, the LPN gets the patient ready for surgery when it comes to getting them changed into the right surgical gowns as well as monitoring the patient prior to ans after surgery.

What is a LPN? As you have seen, the Licensed Practical Nurse is the one who really takes care of the patient, while the Registered Nurse is much more of a supervising nurse and actually does a lot more of the higher-level activities. A LPN is a very hands-on, practical just as the name implies, nurse.

If you enjoy dealing with people and want to always be very involved in taking care of those who need your help, then a LPN degree and career might be right for you. Don’t let the belief that it’s not quite as “significant” a career as a RN change your thinking against it.

A Licensed Practical Nurse is definitely a really good career for anyone who would like to work directly with patients and stay personally involved in patient care. It offers you the opportunity to care more and to also work a lot more with those who actually need your help. It is also a really good career for somebody who actually wants to get involved with others.

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