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traveling nurseIf you’re tired of “office politics” and working in a hospital setting, you may well feel like your career is in a rut. A great solution to this feeling is to become a traveling nurse. A traveling nurse is given the opportunity to travel for work. From that small mountain town to beaches and everywhere in between, you’ll have the opportunity to travel around and provide nursing care just as you have been doing in the rut you’re in only this time, you’ll be enjoying your job and enjoying working in a politic free environment.

As a traveling nurse, you get to choose where you live and work.

A nursing career allows you this freedom more than any other profession and you can call all of the shots by choosing when and where you will be working. You’ll have the best of both worlds and enjoy your nursing career to the fullest in this type of position.

Imagine being able to focus on what you love the best, providing quality care to patients. You’ll still be gaining financial success and you’ll feel much freer escaping the politics of modern day business as well as the rat race of so much hurrying around. Taking time to really focus on your patients needs and less on the political aspect of your job.

Now that you know you have this option available to you, you’re probably wondering how to go about it. There are many online travel nursing agencies that can assist you in this endeavor. They’ll help you to find the job you want on your terms and in the areas you wish to travel. It’s easy to get signed up with them and start enjoying your career.

Many different nursing agencies offer you a wide variety of choices. You can peruse their sites and learn the areas they are hiring in and the may benefits they showcase. Make sure to read the reviews of the nursing agencies you’re considering, it’s important to use the most reputable agencies available when seeking this type of employment.

Various agencies will offer you differing pay as well so it’s wise to research the same job title in a few different agencies. Most offer lucrative pay with competitive benefits and rates. Your wages will depend upon the area you choose to work and live in, where you choose to travel, your experience in the nursing industry and if you have a specialty that is in high demand. Average starting pay is $22 to $40 per hour and some companies will even offer a sign on bonus of $500 to $5000 after so many hours have been worked or you’ve been employed with a company for a pre-set amount of time.

Some companies will even offer you a bonus for referring a friend. With so many bonus options, how could you go wrong?

As a traveling nurse, your benefits usually include:

  • Free Corporate Housing (usually deluxe)
  • Benefits such as health, dental, disability and life insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Financial success
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Customized compensation packages

In addition to the above benefits packages, there is nothing like having a flexible nursing job that you love combined with the joy of travel. This kind of freedom isn’t enjoyed in every profession. It will be easy to obtain all of your goals and dreams working in the traveling nurse field. You’ll have the best of both worlds and enjoy your life so much when you’re doing what you love.

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