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Registered Nurse Education Requirements

registered nurse education requirementSo you’re considering going to RN school to become a registered nurse and you are concerned about the registered nurse education requirements. That’s great, but you should consider that there are other requirements and school is just one of them. There are, in fact, three registered nurse education requirements.

First Registered Nurse Education Requirement Is A Diploma

The first of the RN prerequisites is the formal educational requirement. Here there are three choices, with the first being a nursing diploma from an approved nursing school. This is a fast and easy way to obtain an RN license, but does not allow for further qualifications, and is very limiting. The next highest education level is that associate’s degree, which allows for further education, and the most flexible education option is the bachelor’s degree.

Second Registered Nurse Education Requirement Is Clinical Training

As far as registered nurse education requirements, the next is clinical training, which means working in a health care center under supervision, for a required number of hours. Every RN candidate must complete clinical hours in order to receive an RN license, whether attending a nursing school or college, and whether attending a brick-and-mortar school or an online nursing school.This is a standard requirement for the RN license.

Third Registered Nurse Education Requirement Is Passing The Exam

The third of the registered nurse education requirements, and the last, is that RN candidates must take and pass the NCLEX-RN examination. This is an exhaustive exam covering all of the academics and clinical learning over the course of the registered nurse training, and shows the learning accomplished during the course of the training.

Specific Registered Nurse Education Requirements May Vary By State

Specific registered nurse education requirements and prerequisites may vary by state. Some may require more or fewer clinical hours. Some may require a state exam, and some may have extra requirements that others don’t, but these are the three primary prerequisites for RNs.

All of this can sound daunting, of course, but the fact is that every one of these RN prerequisites is something you can handle if you are serious about your training. These are not serious hurdles if you study, put in the time and work hard at learning what you need to know.

It might be a slow go but in order to take the RN exam you will have to do the necessary registered nurse education requirements whether that is taking extra classes for your degree program or taking your clinicals. In the end, it will be well worth the effort put in. You may not feel comfortable with any of this at first, but that is because it is new. However, you will feel very comfortable with all of it in very short time. You just need time to get comfortable with it and grow into your role as an RN.

So determine how you will go about completing the three registered nurse education requirements.

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