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An optometrist job description is fairly cut and dried. An optometrist, or alternatively Doctor of Optometry (O.D.), has successfully completed a post-graduate-level degree. However, they are not medical doctors. They can evaluate your vision, prescribe contacts or glasses and use vision therapies. They’re able to also diagnose eye problems. In certain instances, they can prescribe medication and even perform minor surgical procedures.

An optometrist can examine a patient’s eyes to identify such problems as farsightedness and also nearsightedness in addition to evaluating depth and color awareness, the focusing competence of an individual and also check out coordination of the eyes.

An optometrist must have a state license. Prerequisites for licensing normally requires a minimum of three years of undergraduate work, completing a four-year accredited program as well as successful completion of written and specialized exams. A lot of optometrists also do additional post degree residency in a subspecialty of optometry which can include low vision therapy, primary eye care, geriatric optometry, pediatric optometry, family eye care, contact lenses, sports vision, or perhaps vision therapy.

An optometrist can even perform minor surgical procedures on the eye, for example removing foreign objects from the eye. They can even do treatments for cataracts, macular degeneration as well as medical problems involving retina and vision problems caused by high blood pressure or diabetes.

Being an optometrist is challenging and also very competitive. You will need to go to an accredited university or college for a minimum of three years in order to be accepted into optometry school. Training sessions integrate classroom instruction along with clinical practical experience under the direction of a licensed optometrist. Students who are going to concentrate in a specific area of training will devote an extra year acquiring more advanced clinical instruction by doing a post degree residency.

For a profession, optometry provides some completely unique benefits. Optometrists earn roughly double the salary of opticians, who fit you with glasses. While an optometrist takes care of eyes and even does minor surgeries just as ophthalmologists do but without having the certification.

Right now there are somewhere around 20 accredited colleges and schools of optometry in the U.S. and Canada, that you can find by visiting the American Optometric Association website. Even more facts can be located at the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry website.

In order to become an optometrist, you will also have to successfully pass state medical exams plus a national exam. Every state requires that optometrists are licensed before they can provide services to the public.

The optometrist salary forecasts by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a steady rise in income and they have projected a 24 percent rate of growth between 2008 and 2018. The career field in general is predicted to expand by around 33 percent through 2020. In comparison, the job marketplace as a whole is only likely to see a 14 percent rate of growth in the exact same time frame. This should generate somewhere around 11,300 new job opportunities in the sector even though this particular field is really specialized and fairly small when compared to other diagnosing or treating occupations within the health care field.

This should give you a good idea of what makes up an optometrist job description.


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  1. The field of being an Optometrist is very rewarding and very challenging. Helping others to see things again more clearly is a good feeling. From glasses to treatment for glaucoma being able to give help makes it worth the effort.

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