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If the idea of online medical assistant programs appeals to you because you have limited time, are far from a location where medical assistant programs are offered, or feel you learn better online, then you should realize that there is no such thing as learning the medical assistant profession completely online.

The medical assistant career is a very hands-on field and you have to learn certain skills that can only be taught in the classroom.


So what exactly do online medical assistant programs do? If in-person class time is required, what is the point of an online program for medical assisting? Is it a waste of time?


Not necessarily, if an online medical assistant program fits your lifestyle. These programs allow you to read or listen to the lecture portion of the class online, and then attend a practical session in person, where the instructor can teach you specific skills, watch what you do and help you get everything just right. These classes are called split classes or partial online classes.

Why take online classes? Obviously it’s hard to beat the convenience of doing some of the work online, when it’s so hard to find time for anything. Many people find that scheduling their online medical assistant programs around their other work and obligations makes it easier, or even possible, to get their medical assistant degree.

The problem with online programs, however, is that it’s easy to put off what you need to do for school because something else seems more pressing. It’s not always just a matter of procrastination, either. Sometimes there really is so much going on that it’s impossible to fit everything in if school can be put off.

If you are a person who puts things off and has trouble getting everything done, you may find that online medical assistant programs are not right for you and that you should find a way to schedule a traditional program so that you can get the best grades; you may have trouble even finishing an online program. But if you are someone who organizes well and can meet deadlines and obligations, online medical assistant programs might offer you the flexibility you need.

The two most important things to be aware of are that no legitimate program can be completed totally online, and that you should seriously consider whether you are the type of person who can successfully complete online medical assistant programs.

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