12 Colleges That Offer Online Healthcare Degrees

I have researched and uncovered 12 colleges that offer online healthcare degrees. All of these schools have different requirements for their online programs so make sure that you read their admission requirements carefully. Also, some healthcare programs may require that … Continue reading →

Medical Career Center

Make use of the Medical Career Center to learn more about a health related career track, medical career planning, health-related career evaluation and even medical career choices.

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Canadian Medical Schools Are Increasing Number Of Medical Trainees

There are officially 17 Canadian medical schools, six of which are in Ontario. Like much of the rest of Canada, most Ontario medical schools are meeting the need for extra students by opening up distributed sites. For example, McMaster medical school now trains many young doctors in Kitchener; the Northern Ontario Medical School trains people in both Sudbury and Thunder Bay. Many other schools are doing similar things to help meet the demands for more Canadian doctors.

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Getting Into Medical School

If you have your hopes on getting into medical school then you should get an early start on learning just what it takes to get your application accepted. The admissions committee at any given university will choose what prerequisites they want to focus on in any given year, but overall there are a few standards that can be counted on as being important. Learn what these are and you can improve your chance of success!

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