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salary of a physician assistant

Are you interested in a healthcare career? You should think about becoming a physician assistant. You can become a physician assistant after five years of college and earn a very good salary. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this career option.

A physician assistant is a part of a team of healthcare specialists. You will become a physician assistant once you obtain a licence that allows you to practice medicine. Your work will probably include examining patients, interpreting test results, diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications to patients and even assists surgeons during surgeries. You will have to make decisions and advise patients regarding their health. You can choose to specialize yourself by completing a residency training. This residency training allows you to specialize in fields such as OB/GYN, neurology, surgery, critical care or orthopedics.

What is the salary of a physician assistant?

Your salary will depend on your experience, the area in which you work and the type of institution where you are employed. The average hourly wage of a physician assistant is $44.45 and the average yearly physician assistant salary is $92,460. This number can vary depending on what you do. For instance, the average yearly physician assistant salary of someone who works in a outpatient care center is of $94,330 while a professional who works in a specializes unit earns an average salary of $100,060 a year.

The salary of a physician assistant can also vary depending on the state where you live. For instance, a physician assistant earns an average yearly salary of $101,880 in California while a professional who works in Pennsylvania earns $77,110 a year. Typically, you will earn more if you work on the West Coast, in New England or in certain states where physician assistants are needed, such as Texas, Alaska, Wisconsin or Kentucky. Working in a urban area also means a higher salary. Seattle, Houston and Los Angeles are among the top-paying metropolitan areas for physician assistants. However, it might be easier to find work in a rural area at first so you can gain enough experience to work in one of these top-paying areas.

You will have to earn a Master’s degree in order to become a physician assistant. You will first need to obtain your Bachelor’s degree in health science. You should then choose an accredited PA program. The typical PA program lasts for 27 months and includes classes as well as clinical rotations so you can gain experience. Once you graduate from an accredited PA program, you will have to take the National Certification exam in order to earn the right to practice as a physician assistant. You will have to maintain your certification by completing 100 hours of classes every two years and by taking the exam again every six years.

You should do more research about this career and learn more about the different accredited program you can sign up for if you are interested. As you can see, the salary of a physician assistant is very good.

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