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what is a pharmacy technician

If you have had thoughts about working in the healthcare field, you have probably heard about pharmacy technicians, and you may wonder, what is a pharmacy technician? This is a very good question, because becoming a pharmacy tech is a very good job and something you might very well want to look into as a career, once you understand what they do.

There is more to a pharmacy technician than just preparing and distributing medication, though that is part of it. Pharmacy techs work in different types of pharmacies, so let’s look at exactly what is a pharmacy technician.

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Retail Pharmacies

This is the pharmacy where you go to get your prescription from the doctor filled, and where most pharmacy technicians work. So what is a pharmacy technician in a retail pharmacy? Tasks performed by retail pharmacy techs include collecting information from the patient, including personal data and insurance information, entering prescriptions into the system, filling prescriptions, checking patients out with their prescriptions, requesting refills from physicians’ offices, compounding medications, ordering prescription medications, managing inventory and restocking pharmacy shelves, and handling administrative duties in the pharmacy.

Hospital Pharmacies

What is a pharmacy tech in a hospital pharmacy? There are many roles and duties of pharmacy techs in a hospital. A few of the most common duties include filling new prescriptions, preparing medications for delivery, delivering medications, taking medication histories and checking IV drips, handling missing dose calls, dispensing and keeping track of all controlled substances throughout the hospital, maintaining the pharmacy database, and more.

Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and psychiatric facilities typically need a large number of pharmacy techs. What is a pharmacy technician in a long-term care pharmacy? Filling new and refill orders, processing new and refill prescription orders by fax, entering prescription orders and printing labels for fill techs, sterile compounding of medications, billing medications to facilities, dispensing and documentation of controlled circumstances, ordering supplies and medications for the pharmacy, and restocking returned medications that are still suitable for use.

HMO Pharmacy Departments

This is much different working environment than the others mentioned above. Duties include answering telephone calls from patients and guiding them through the pharmacy benefit, reviewing authorization requests regarding pharmacy claims, providing technical support to pharmaceutical companies and doctors requesting information, and supporting the pharmacists in the department as needed.

There is no one answer to the question what is a pharmacy technician. It is a varied career and so your duties will depend upon where you choose to work.

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