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what does a forensic nurse doYou may wonder what does a forensic nurse do. Forensic Nursing is regarded as the latest specialized areas recognized by the American Nurses Association. It entails cooperating with authorities to help with the investigation of crimes like physical abuse, accidental death as well as assault.

In addition they gather information from the victims of violent crimes and also from the suspect so that a court case can be built and the suspect brought to trial.

Given that criminal activity happens just about everyday, forensic nursing calls for lots of nurses.

The leading subspecialty of forensic nursing has to do with sexual attacks, then comes death investigations, and followed by forensic psychiatric nursing.

Any time a sexual attack or rape takes place, it’s the responsibility of the forensic nurse to gather evidence and also take photos so that whoever is responsible can be arrested. This is usually conducted by cross referencing the DNA samples with the criminal database system, provided that the individual who did it has a criminal background. When the victim of the crime knows the attacker, a DNA sample could be obtained from the suspect and if there is a match, then an arrest could be made.

In the case of death investigations, the forensic nurse will work with the pathologist to determine the cause of death.

In addition to working with law enforcement to solve a crime or assist a victim, forensic nursing can also be important in various other areas. Such as tissue and organ donation, pediatric medicine as well as in correctional institutions.

So what does a forensic nurse do? This should give you at least a little information about the question.

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