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types of nursesThere are many different types of nurses but most people first think of registered nurses. While this is a great career to have, there are many other types of nursing. If you love nursing and would like to get into this field, you should know what skills you have in order to find the best field for you. Many opportunities exist for you to get into a career where you can help others.

There are many types of nurses. Here are descriptions of a few of them:

Hospital Nurse

While the title pretty much is self-explanatory, there are sub-fields to this jobs. Hospitals are big and there are many fields of medicine you could choose from. If you enjoy children, you may think about becoming a pediatric nurse. If you would like to help cancer patients, an oncologist nurse may be the answer for you. Typically, in a hospital, the nurse has many duties to perform. First and foremost, they tend to be the link between the doctors and the patients and their families. Some hospital nurses help doctors in the operating room, while others simply take vital signs or draw blood. Whichever part of the hospital you choose to work in, you play a major role in helping patients.

Nursing Facilities

For nurses who prefer to avoid the chaos of a hospital, nursing facilities may be the answer for them. This includes elderly care, rehabilitation centers, convalescence units. The main skills a nurse working in these facilities needs to have are patience and strength. At these homes, you may have to deal with a lot of people in later stages of life. It can be hard to watch people struggle through their pain. But, on the positive side, you will feel better knowing you made a difference in the life of someone who is struggling.

School Nurse

Though no nursing job is easy, a school nurse may be the solution for you if you don’t want to deal with many critically-ill patients. Obviously, since you are working in a school, you will mainly be dealing with kids who have colds and minor injuries. Usually, most school nurses have the choice of working full time or part time, so you can figure out which one is best for your schedule. The only downside of being a school nurse is having to see children with chronic illnesses, like asthma. Also, if a child comes to you and you think they are being abused, you will have to report it.

Company Nurse

Sometimes, larger businesses may hire a nurse to have in the workplace. Typically, workers will only come to you with smaller problems, meaning you will not have to worry about big issues. But, if an environmental issues exists, the nurse may need to call for more assistance.

Travel Nurse

If you want a career in nursing, but you also love to travel, a travel nurse position may be for you. Working in this field means you will not be dealing with the usual nursing environment, which some nurses grow tired of. You get to travel all over, while receiving great pay and benefits at the same time. When you are a travel nurse, you are pretty much your own boss. And typically, you get to pick where you want to go. Obviously, if you have children, this may not be the best option for you.

As you can see by reading the above ideas, there are many types of nursing that you can choose from. By having the choice of what kind of nursing you want to get into, you won’t get bored with your job. Between the great pay and being able to help others, the many different types of nurses should give you a truly wonderful career.

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