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Pharmacy Technician Salary
When you see a relatively young person working at the pharmacy, it’s easy to assume they’re getting minimum wage rather than getting a pharmacy technician salary. We expect those handling medication to be older. Perhaps that thinking is because most people assume that to become a technician takes two to four years of college. But it doesn’t. The time it takes to become a technician is a few months in some cases and there’s a reason that many young people are jumping at the opportunity to enroll in the training.

The amount of money earned as a technician is very lucrative even if you don’t have any experience. What makes the pharmacy technician salary even better is if you’ve taken some studies to become a technician. Knowledge is always power and in this case, having knowledge of what it means to work as a technician shows up in what you get back. If someone told you that you could earn $40,000 or more without a college education, would that get your attention? It should.

A pharmacy technician salary can easily get to $40,000 or more.

When you think about how much time and expense it costs to get a four year degree and you compare that with earning $40,000 a year with simply a training program, you can see how much better off you’d be to go the technician route instead. The projected level of increase in pay and job openings makes this a field where it just makes good sense to get into. It also makes good sense to train for a job where you can always find work. Since there will always be a need for pharmacies, that equals job security in a world where finding and keeping a job has become harder than ever before.

You may discover that you’re doing a lot of administrative work in your job duties as well as handling medication preparation. You may need to prepare labels for medicine bottles as well as make sure that patient instruction inserts are correctly given to each customer. You may have to field phone calls from not only customers but from nurses or doctors as well as others who work in doctors’ offices.

You can earn a pharmacy technician salary in many different job avenues.

Having the knowledge and the skills doesn’t mean that you must always work in a pharmacy. The field is as varied as it rewarding. Some technicians go on to work with drug companies who need individuals with an understanding of pharmacology which can mean a very good pharmacy technician salary.

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