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physician assistant tuitionIf you’re looking into attending physician assistant school, think twice before taking out a loan. Physician assistant tuition can take a bite out of your finances, and it can be tempting to take out a student loan, thinking you’ll pay it back after you get out of school.

That is one option. But there are other things that you might want to consider before you take out a loan for your physician assistant tuition.

  1. Federal and state government assistance: This means more than just the old standby, the Pell Grant. For instance, if you’re a mother and employed, you should investigate a Working Mom grant. You might look into physician assistant tuition in return for service with the armed services or government agencies like Americorps, if that’s something you’re interested in. And definitely look into grants, including the Pell, as well as tax credits.
  2. Internships: Look into colleges offering internships in exchange for tuition. Many hospitals and clinics are in dire need of PAs and are willing to train and pay for tuition. You will have to research this physician assistant tuition assistance avenue and look for internships that work for you, but it’s well worth your time to explore.
  3. Professional societies: The Academy of Physician Assistants offers a scholarship of $1,000 annually, and other professional organizations and associations also offer scholarships for physician assistant tuition. Again, you’ll have to do some digging, but these nuggets of gold are worth looking for.
  4. Corporate scholarships and grants: Private corporations such as Johnson and Johnson (Tylenol Scholarship) offer scholarships to students in the healthcare fields. Research available scholarships and apply for them. Like any other assistance with your physician assistance tuition, you cannot get it unless you find it and apply for it.
  5. Ethnic, religious and other societies: Fraternal organizations, religious groups and ethnic organizations such as the United Negro College Fund offer scholarships and grants. Find out which of these you may qualify for and apply.

You don’t necessarily have to go into debt to pay your physician assistant tuition.

Paying your tuition does not have to involve going into debt, but it may have to involve doing some work to find out what you can get and how to apply for it. You will have to research the various grants, scholarships and internships available and put yourself out there, but this is far preferable to going into debt to pay your physician assistant tuition.

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