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Physician Assistant Bachelor Degree ProgramsAs you may be aware, physician assistant training is actually a two-year program after a bachelor’s degree, so there are few particular physician assistant bachelor degree programs that will qualify you to work as a physician assistant.

Physician Assistant Bachelor Degree Programs Are Offered Only At A Few Colleges

There are a few physician assistant bachelor degree programs, such as the one offered at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, but these programs are very rare. If you want to attend one of these programs, you certainly should apply and make the effort to get a B.S. as a physician assistant, but it is not required to be a physician assistant.

The usual route to becoming a physician assistant is to get a degree in a science-related field, or in health-related professions. Because most people do not have the opportunity to attend physician assistant bachelor degree programs, science and health degrees are the accepted bachelor’s degrees for PA training.

You may be wondering exactly which sciences you should concentrate on, since “science” can cover a broad range. In general, chemistry and some of the harder sciences are probably overkill. You are not going to medical school, so these disciplines are not necessary for physician assistant bachelor degree programs.

Stop to think about the duties of a PA. You’ll be working in primary care, dealing with patients with minor illnesses and injuries, taking patient histories, and basically serving as the first point of contact. So biology will be a very important knowledge area for you.

A Biology Degree Is One Of The Most Important Physician Assistant Bachelor Degree Programs

A degree in biology is one of the most important physician assistant bachelor degree programs, and will serve you well not only in applying to physician assistant training, but in your training as well, where you will be learning anatomy and basic medical training. You will also use biology a great deal in your work, so this makes sense as a discipline.

Whether you go to one of the schools that offers physician assistant bachelor degree programs, or choose to get a science or health-related professions degree program, you will have a very good chance of getting into physician assistant training school and succeeding as a physician assistant.

Whatever your choice, be sure that you are not just going through the motions of getting a bachelor’s degree to get into physician assistant school but are genuinely working hard in whichever of the physician assistant bachelor degree programs you choose, because the effort you put in now will reflect in your success later.

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