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Pharmacy Technician Training
Pharmacy technician training can be as advanced or basic as you prefer it to be. The real difference in the amount of effort you put into your studies is how much pay you’ll receive once you’re done.

It pays off to go the full route. And your pharmacy tech education will never end if you keep this as a career because every two years you’ll have to complete certain continuing education requirements just to keep your job.

Here are the three main areas of your pharmacy technician training that you’ll want to focus on:

Coursework for Becoming a Pharmacy Tech

Coursework can be achieved very quickly – in just 2-3 semesters, tops if you have the ability to complete your pharmacy technician training with full course loads rather than a class here and there.

You’ll have to take a wide variety of classes (it varies from school to school so be sure to check a few college curriculums out to see what the differences are). But basically, you’ll have to take classes such as medical terminology, mathematics, communications, and more.

The classes aren’t your typical college courses, though. For instance, your math class will focus on percentages, units of measure, dosage problems, flow rates, and proportions. There will be a heavy emphasis on volume and weight using the metric system.

Hands-On Experience at a Real Pharmacy

It’s important for you to know how a real pharmacy works, regardless of whether it’s a retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, or even a mail order prescription drug company. You have to be the right hand man (or woman) for the licensed pharmacist, keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes as he or she runs the front and deals with patients who have prescription questions that you’re not legally allowed to answer.

The pharmacy technician training you’re going to get here is invaluable. You’ll learn how to manage the entire pharmacy – from counting pills and dispensing the liquid medications you’ve mixed up to ensuring that shipments arriving from manufacturers contain the correct elements and drugs for you to prepare for patients.

You can find internships – some paid and some free – at many retail pharmacies that let you dig in and learn what this career is all about. Some places even allow high school students to begin learning the most basic things.

Laboratory Experiments for Pharmacy Techs

Lab work is crucial to being a pharmacy tech. You have to know the way to measure drugs that are then combined or prepared for a prescription for a patient. Not paying attention to your laboratory exercises could cause a fatality for one of your customers.

Sometimes with your coursework, you’ll be taking the actual classes online, so that you don’t have to attend the college on a daily basis. But there’s no getting around the laboratory assignments that must be completed in front of an instructor.

Pharmacy technician training can lead to a better paying job.

Pharmacy technician training can begin at age 16. You don’t have to be an adult to start your training, but this is a career path that can lead to wonderful opportunities for your future, so get started today and work your way through the pharmacy technician training classes that enable you to get the better paying jobs.

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