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Pharmacy Technician Salary
Pharmacy technician salary options vary according to where you live and how much experience you’ve gained. But there are some basic ideas you can get and you’ll be even more informed once you visit the sites of the schools where you gain certification and training, because they’ll have definite feedback from their previous graduates.

The thing about nailing down this data is that there are many factors that play into how much you can make with this career. For example, it can depend on whether you work at a hospital pharmacy, a retail pharmacy, or a mail order online company that dispenses prescriptions.

It can also vary according to regional pay scales, you’re level of experience, and even what the person hiring is willing to pay you for the job. But generally, the lowest pharmacy technician salary is approximately $19,000 for those who are brand new with zero experience.

For someone who has already been certified and has been working one on one with a licensed pharmacist and knows the ins and outs of retail and on site job duties, the pay can climb upwards into the upper $30,000 range to the low $40,000 pay rate.

One thing about a pharmacy technician salary that is beneficial to you is that it’s generally an hourly pay rate, which means in many instances, the company will allow you to earn overtime, or time and a half.

And many technicians have reported bonuses being allotted to them, which is an additional pay perk you may encounter, depending on who you choose to work for. Bonuses typically range from $65 to $600 per year or more.

One thing that works in your favor is the explosive growth that this position has seen over the last several years – and it’s still climbing! These people are in demand, which means pay rates go up on a steady basis. And there aren’t a lot of jobs growing right now, so this works in your favor.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that by 2016, demand will soar an additional 32% for pharmacy techs, which means salaries will have to be competitive if the company wants to employ the best workers.

And the more continuing education you have – more than the basic skills of weighing, measuring and counting prescription drugs, the higher your chance of securing a better paying position.

Your pharmacy technician salary can increase if you’re willing to work the hours and do the things others prefer not to (or can’t). For instance, sometimes you might have to lift heavy boxes other employees can’t muster the strength to move. And there are many 24 hour pharmacies – working the late night owl shift could mean an increase in pay.

The best way to get the highest pharmacy technician salary is to work as an intern while also getting the education and training that makes you more desirable.

While it is possible to learn as an intern with a licensed pharmacist, your pharmacy technician salary will be more if you go the traditional training route.

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