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Are you thinking of looking into pharmacy technician openings? If so, you’re in luck. The job market is healthier now than it has been in years. Becoming a technician in this field doesn’t require much in the way of college education. Usually an associate degree is all that’s needed in most states.

However, other states may not even require that much. It all depends on where you live so you’ll have to check the licensing laws in your state. You will earn more money and get better job offers with a certificate than you will without one since employers tend to hire those with degrees than those without.

Start Looking For Pharmacy Technician Openings Once You Get Your Certificate.

It doesn’t take long to become a tech either because an associate degree is geared to have students finished with the training in two years or less depending on your schedule load. Once you have your certification in hand (you may have to pass an exam to get certified), then you can start searching for pharmacy technician openings.

When you’re first starting out, you’ll find that the beginning salary will also depend on where you live. Some states on the west coast pay between $16-$21 per hour while other states pay a lot less. But the good news is that a technician in this field can expect steady salary increases since this work is considered part of the medical field.

You can find pharmacy technician openings in places like drugstores, in hospitals, grocery stores, mail order and as a civilian tech with government agencies.

You might think that all a tech does is put pills in bottles and hand them out to customers, but a tech works under the watchful eye of a pharmacist and handles tasks such as measuring out portions of medicine, and many times, a tech will be the first contact person with the public.

You may find yourself advising consumers about over the counter medications for their health needs too. So if you’re looking for a career that’s fast paced and enjoyable, you just might want to check out the pharmacy technician openings in your area.


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