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pharmacy technician jobsPharmacy technician jobs are soaring in an otherwise weak economy. Every time someone goes to fill a prescription, they encounter a pharmacy technician or the result of their work.

A pharmacist is the one who is legally able to meet with customers and discuss prescription medication. So it’s the job of a pharmacy tech to be behind the scenes, ensuring everything’s running smoothly.

They make sure that ointments, liquids and pills are prepared and measured properly for public consumption. By the time someone gets his or her prescription filled, a lot of effort has gone into it on the part of the pharmacy tech.

Many Pharmacy Technician Jobs Are Available Right Now

Most states have hundreds of pharmacy technician jobs either available right now or set to be ready for the growing and aging community who relies heavily on prescription medications. The life span of Americans is growing and with a surge in retired individuals, paired with epidemic obesity and medical related issues, medications are in high demand, along with those who provide them.

The job growth rate is approximately 30-35% nationwide, according to the Labor Department. If you’re looking for pharmacy technician jobs, then you might want to focus your search on the retail element, where most job openings occur. But don’t overlook hospital openings, either, because they typically pay more than the retail positions do.

In order to get a job in this industry, you’ll probably need to get certified. Most states require it, but some don’t. Even so, the people who are certified will garner higher pay than those without. Some coursework for certification takes only 12-13 weeks total, depending on where you get trained for the career.

One of the best things about pharmacy technician jobs is that they’re good for both genders and any age range. Many people who lost their jobs in the poor economy went back to college at a vocational school to get certified to be a pharmacy tech.

But this career is also perfect for students fresh out of high school, and in some cities, even high school students are allowed to being training for credits they can use toward graduation and their experience counts for their future career.

This type of career is wonderful for people who are more conventional, preferring a set of rules and regulations and guidelines to adhere to. There’s no creativity involved – you’re mixing medications as instructed, without deviation. You’re not mingling with the public but instead are serving as the right hand to the pharmacist who is licensed to dispense drugs in his or her state.

Some students start out as a pharmacy tech with the clear intention of pursuing further training to become a licensed pharmacist. This is great because then you’ll know the ins and outs of the operation and you’ll be better able to manage an entire pharmacy once you have a technician working for you.

Pharmacy technician jobs are already abundant in many cities across the United States. Start searching for the job listings and find somewhere where the demand for pharmacy technician jobs is high and supply is low and you should be able to make the greatest pay range for your skills.


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