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Pharmacy Technician Classes

Pharmacy technician classes can take place in a couple of different ways. One way is to work under the supervision of a certified technician or under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

Your Future Salary May Depend On Whether You Take Pharmacy Technician Classes Or Not

This path doesn’t require educational training (in some states) but know that the salary you’ll earn and the opportunities for advancement won’t come your way as easily or as often as it will for those with a degree. You will have an edge others won’t have by taking pharmacy technician classes.

In school, you’ll learn a wide range of topics relating to the work. You’ll learn about anatomy and you’ll also take studies in pharmacology. This is the study of learning about the different medications that you’ll dispense.

You’ll learn what classes these drugs fall under, how and when they’re to be given and the subtle differences from one type of medication to another in the same class. One of the courses that causes much groaning among potential applicants is the required math classes.

It’s important that those wanting to work in pharmacology have a good grasp of math. That algebra you thought wouldn’t help you when you were in high school comes into play in this line of work since it’s how most medications are figured for measurements.

Doctors sometimes seem to speak in a different language simply because they refer to the body in more complex terms than the average person does. While that’s not a problem for a patient, it can be for someone working in a pharmacy if you don’t understand what’s being said or what’s written on a prescription.

Pharmacy Technician Classes Make Sure That You Learn The Necessary Medical Terms

In pharmacy technician classes, you’ll also learn the necessary medical terms that will help you to correctly identify the body. For example, you might learn that the parotid glands are saliva glands. Being able to correctly identify the body parts can help to prevent technicians from handing out the wrong medications.

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