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Pharmacy tech salary perks are one reason other entry level jobs lose out against this particular career. You can start out at a very high rate if you take time to gather the necessary experience and education.

Some people start out interning as a pharmacy tech when they’re sophomores in high school at age 16. They only get hands on experience and never bother to get the certification some states require.

A pharmacy tech salary is made or broken based on how much you experience in your training. There are three ways you can increase your pay, so let’s examine those. They include education, internship, and certification.

Some states will require all three of those, but some don’t. You’ll need to check with your particular state’s rules to find out what you need to achieve with your hands on or vocational or college training.

How To Make Your Pharmacy Tech Salary Soar.

In regards to your education, your pharmacy tech salary will soar if you get the additional coursework under your belt. This includes both lecture and laboratory classes. You’ll enjoy learning how human bodies manage disease because you’ll play an integral part of the patient’s therapy in helping them manage or get rid of certain ailments.

One class many students find fascinating is compounding. You’ll learn this in a laboratory – and you have to get the routine down for sterilizing equipment, calculating dosages, and maintaining a safe environment. You’ll learn how to use the various equipment used in measuring as well.

When you go into interview for a position, your pharmacy tech salary could be based on how much you know. If you know extra techniques, then your pay will raise. Lab work can set you apart from competing individuals looking for a job.

It’s important to have some on the job training. This isn’t a strict training environment because every workplace will differ. You could have one experience in a retail pharmacy and a completely different one in a hospital setting.

There are a number of things that you must do before you can start making a pharmacy tech salary.

Before you even seek out official training to become a pharmacy technician, you’ll need to check with the college or vocational school to see what their requirements are for you being accepted into the program.

For instance, some require you to have your GED or a high school diploma. Some will want an in-person interview. A simple application may not be enough, and this may include the task of you gathering references they can review.

Most training programs and employers will run a criminal background check on you. Not all violations matter, but if you’ve been convicted of a felony in the last five years, or if you have anything on your record regarding abuse of drugs or pharmaceuticals, then you can pretty much plan on not being accepted (or hired).

And some requirements will also want you to provide some health information, such as whether or not you’re currently up to date on your immunizations. Make sure you check each individual program because they’ll all have separate prerequisites.

Pharmacy tech salary levels are really up to you – how much education you’re willing to get, what hours you’ll accept (with 24 hour retail stores, night owls tend to make more), and what region you move to in order to get the highest pay.

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