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Pharmacy tech careers are the hot new path for job growth in the economy and it’s no wonder why. You can start training as young as age 16 and complete your coursework in just 2-3 semester of school before you’re viable to get certified!

The pay scale varies from around upper twenty thousands for entry level to forty or fifty thousands for experienced techs, but one thing’s for sure – more training equals more pay, and you can work in a hospital, in a retail pharmacy, or even in an office environment for one of the online drug companies that dispenses medications via snail mail!

Some of the duties of a pharmacy tech include basic inventory management, where you’ll receive drugs via the manufacturer and then ensure everything’s correct and stocked thoroughly at all times.

You’re going to make sure all of the equipment that the pharmacist and you use to mix medications is sterile. You can’t have cross contamination, so this is a very important process, it is not just basic housekeeping!

Another duty of the pharmacy tech is to dispense the drugs into the containers for the patients. You’ll count, measure and even label the medications. And to follow all of that up, you’ll be doing some data entry, which will cross over into other careers should you ever decide you want to pursue something different.

You won’t be doing much in the way of customer service, because you have to let the pharmacist interact with the patients and answer questions, but there may be some minor interaction, so communication skills are important. The people you’ll be dealing with may be cranky – sick and not feeling well, so patience will be a virtue.

Once you go through all of the training, you may be able to land a job through the vocational school or college you attended. Many pharmacies often contact the schools to get recommendations on potential hires. So make sure you put your best foot forward in class and impress the professors.

After education and internship, you’ll be ready to take your National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. If you pass it, you’ll be a certified pharmacy tech! Most colleges provide an Associate’s Degree for this course of study.

When you begin your studies, you’ll probably start off with pharmacy terminology. You have to know the verbiage in order to go through other classes. By the time you’re done, you’ll be speaking the language fluently and you’ll be familiar with common abbreviations.

You’ll enjoy your training because it’s so varied. You do have to learn the more boring aspects such as definitions and legal or ethical issues, but you will also get to study diseases and find out how medications react within the body.

Pharmacy tech careers are growing for a reason.

More Americans are living longer, and certain diseases that require medications (such as diabetes) are on the rise, too! Your pharmacy tech job is very important, so pursue it knowing you’ll be providing a much-needed service to your community.

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