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pediatric nurse practitioner salary

Prior to talking about the pediatric nurse practitioner salary, let’s talk a little about this particular health care profession. The pediatric nurse practitioner is a health care specialist who has earned a graduate level degree in nursing and having a specialty in pediatric medicine.¬† Their clinical training courses were concentrated in the field of pediatrics.

Pediatric nurse practitioner work opportunities are found in a lot of medical related settings. These include urgent-care centers, pediatric clinics, children’s medical centers, public health departments, and even some school systems. Their salary can range from anywhere around $84,000 to well over $93,000 annually with bonus deals sometimes offered. They will often work in partnership along with other nurse practitioners, doctors as well as other pediatricians.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center provides official certification for a pediatric nurse practitioner. The certification given is Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified (PNP-BC). In order to take the exam, a nurse needs to have a valid RN license, a Masters degree or higher in Nursing that is through an approved training program, and also at least 500 hours of work in pediatric medicine.

A pediatric nurse practitioner salary can range from an average of around $92,000 to over $110,000 per year, because of the ever-increasing need in this particular health care field.

The added benefits of ongoing training and education after becoming a pediatric nurse also often means more flexible work schedules as well as a lot higher salary, particularly in comparison to that of a typical pediatric nurse.

A pediatric nurse practitioner salary mainly is determined by their experience, education level, relevant skills, and where they work. Those that work in larger hospitals will normally earn a lot more than their counterparts that work in much smaller hospitals.

Typically the income for pediatric nurse practitioner jobs in large metropolitan areas is a lot more than for the same job in the surrounding suburbs.

The pediatric nurse practitioner salary can often range from around $55,000 to well over $120,000 a year.

Nurses living in Houston, New York, Chicago or Miami can expect to make a lot more than $90,000 a year, if they have more than eight years of experience. Nurse practitioners can easily earn somewhere around $75,000 in Atlanta, over $85,000 in Cleveland and about $92,000 a year in Denver.

As with most nursing jobs, work is usually available in a wide range of healthcare areas. Jobs are often found in the practices of pediatric doctors, educational facilities, pediatric clinics, as well as hospitals.

Based on information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession should continue to grow at the same rate as that of most other nursing career fields. This particular estimate anticipates job growth to continue to be somewhere close to 23% through at least 2016, which should mean a lot of employment opportunities.

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