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If you’re a paramedic who’d like to become an RN you may be wondering about the Paramedic to RN transition program, and how that works. Usually these programs are designed to be finished within 18 months so you can transition quickly.

Making the switch from a paramedic to RN is a big choice. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to make a change.

As a paramedic you have a positive impact on people with your work in the field, but you might be tired and need to move into a more stable position, or you may want to learn to do more and work in a different position. Maybe you are looking for a challenge and that is why you are interested in a paramedic to RN program. All of those are good reasons.

While paramedics are valuable, RNs are also very valuable and quite simply there is a shortage of RNs.

You might not realize this, but paramedics are a great source of potential RNs. In fact, someone who already has great medical skills is the best person to train for an RN position, so a paramedic to RN program makes great sense.

Once you complete the paramedic to RN program your skills will be very much in demand

The fact that you’re considering a paramedic to RN program shows that you have the sense that an RN position is something you’d like to do, that it would be interesting, that you’d like to work with patients for a longer time than just while they’re in the ambulance, and that you are up for the challenge of learning a new career.

Whatever you decide to do, go ahead and check out some programs online or at your local community college. Take the time to imagine yourself as an RN working in a hospital, if that’s your career choice, or a doctor’s office if you’d like something quieter. Give yourself a little time to dream and see how you feel about how the future could look once you finish the paramedic to RN program.

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