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Medical School Requirements
Let’s face it, medical school requirements  are very stringent. There are thousands upon thousands of hopeful applicants every year for a limited number of seats in any given medical school.  The application process is significantly different from most applications to undergraduate degrees.  Not every school even has a medical school, and the ones that do charge high fees to attend every year.  Because of all these facts, it is vital to ensure you have the medical school requirements met well before starting the application process.

While there is a general set of medical school requirements that many universities will base their decisions upon, not every school has the exact same set.  Each medical school admissions committee will ultimately decides what successful candidates will require prior to being considered for an interview.  Some schools have very different ideas on what is important!  If you fulfill the following medical school requirements you are likely able to apply to a variety of schools in your state, province, or country.

Here Are Some Basic Medical School Requirements

Minimum grades: each school will definitely have a minimum GPA or grade point average below which they will not even consider looking at a hopeful applicant.  While the minimum grades needed to get into medical school will vary between universities, many will have a cut off for GPAs around 3.6 or 3.7 (on a 4 point scale) while a few will be much less.  Making things even more confusing is the fact that each school may calculate the GPA slightly differently.  Some universities only average the last two years while others look at every single grade received in your undergraduate degree.

Medical school requirements for specific prerequisite courses: in the past, most universities had a specific list of prerequisite courses that they considered as vital requirements for medical school admission.  The point of the prerequisites is to ensure that people have the basic knowledge that their medical degree will expand upon.  That being said, some universities have decided to go with an easier approach that has one requirement – a four year undergraduate degree in any field.

Volunteer work: while this may not be an official medical school requirement before getting into medical school, it is definitely one that all universities will be looking at.  They want well rounded individuals who are involved in the community and who love giving back.  Volunteer work can really be in any field – it does not have to be work done in hospitals specifically.  To be honest, a variety of different volunteer experiences will go a long way towards making you stand out from the crowd.

Reference letters: when it comes to reference letters, most application committees are looking to weed out people that would be difficult to work with as teachers, colleagues, and friends.  No one wants to have difficult students that always cause problems for their teachers.  In general, people who know you across various aspects of life and who seem to like you will be ideal people to ask for reference letters.

Meeting The Medical School Requirements Means That You Need To Do A Lot Of Research

The most important thing to consider when wondering what the medical school requirements are, is to do your own research.  You can waste a lot of money applying to schools that you do not meet the requirements for.  Every medical school will have a website clearly outlining their minimum medical school requirements for application purposes, so do your research early on!


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