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Medical Coding SchoolsHave you seen commercials about medical coding schools and wondered if the profession is right for you? With the field expected to grow faster than other occupations, now is the time to consider a future in medical coding. There is a national shortage of certified medical coders in healthcare facilities, hospitals and doctor’s offices. Qualified medical coders can even chose to work their own hours from home. Add computer skills, and there are plenty of high paying opportunities for those willing to hit the books.


A medical coding salary is above average with steady employment when you get your training from an accredited medical coding school. Coding specialists analyze health records and designates the codes for each procedure and diagnosis. It is one of the few health professions where you do not have to work directly with the patient. Instead, medical coders work with patient records. Coders sort through the information to identify life threatening allergies and report which qualify for healthcare reimbursement. This information is then inputted into a software program they maintain. They also do administrative work such as scheduling, staffing and adding or decreasing healthcare services.

Quality standards and productivity are required to be a top earning medical coder. For this reason, it pays to be detail oriented, accurate and organized. Besides good time management, it is important to be an active listener. Coders work with a team of professionals and must be comfortable asking questions and with memos and other forms of office communication. Taking biology and computer courses in high school are a good start. A medical coder has a complete understanding of what is written in medical records. Learning medical terminology, physiology, pharmacology, and anatomy is the next step and can be gotten at a medical coding school. You have to learn to update knowledge in the field continually, so life-long learning is required.

Medical coding salaries vary by experience and where you work. For example, a doctor with a solo practice may only pay in the low to mid 30’s. Working for a government facility or directly for the insurance company brings in the $40,000 range. A high paid medical coding consultant can bring home nearly $60,000 a year. For, the amount of schooling needed to enter the profession; medical coders make a good living in a comfortable office environment.

Earning a medical coder salary starts with education from a medical coding school.

There is a couple of ways to go depending on your goals. There are four-year university programs, associate degree programs, online boot camp courses and vocational classes available. Those who take the shorter diploma programs typically receive comparable training to a college degree in the field. The goal is to acquire enough knowledge to pass the medical coding certificate exam.

The abundance of paperwork required to file insurance claims keeps medical coders in high demand. Changing government regulations and the lack of qualified applicants translates into many job opportunities. Earning a certification from a medical coding school could be just a few steps away.

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