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medical billing specialistA medical billing specialist is an essential part of the medical profession. Being a certified medical billing specialist, you will deal with medical documents to process medical payment insurance claims in order that doctors as well as patients get the payments that have been billed to the health insurance providers.

A medical billing specialist is given the task of submitting a patient’s medical insurance claim to the insurance carrier.

The medical biller inputs all of the invoicing details, along with the codes added by the medical coder, into the computer system. They key in and manage patient documents, send the claims to the insurance carrier, deal with inquiries from the insurance provider, and also follow up with the patient concerning the final results of the charge.

The Medical Billing Specialist course is a twelve months certification training course, which prepares enrollees for jobs as coders (ICD-9-CM and CPT/HCPCS), billers, patient account associates, schedulers, as well as other help and support opportunities in many different healthcare locations. Graduate students will be prepared to code and bill correctly and fairly to improve insurance company payments.

This course will provide the graduate with the resources to be a very important resource in researching and describing health care coverage to patients and also family members.  In addition, the specialist should be able to deal with all of the aspects of insurance claims processing which includes handling of disputed, declined along with deferred insurance claims, along with other accounts receivable problems.

A medical billing specialist job will pay you very well, based primarily on your qualifications. The average salary was just over $32,350 in 2010. Salary ranges do vary quite a lot however. At the low end of the range, individuals made from around $21,240 or maybe a little less even though top rated specialists made right at $53,430 per year as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Perhaps the best thing when it comes to being a medical billing specialist is that you will find many different options available to you, in a number of medical related environments. You could become a very important component of a medical office staff in a physician’s office, medical facility, outpatient medical center, rehab facility or even a private medical billing organization.

You will need to take an official certification examination given by the Medical Association of Billers (MAB) to become a Certified Medical Billing Specialist.

Medical billing specialist positions are likely to grow by at least 20% or even more over the next 12 years, so if you’re well organized and also a solid multi-tasker, medical billing might be an excellent career path for you.

A medical billing specialist can make as much as $46,000 a year. Due to the massive expansion in the medical industry, a medical billing specialist is a position that is highly sought after and should continue on that path for the next decade or so at the very least.


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