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legal nurse consultant salaryA lot of career opportunities are available for a Legal Nurse Consultant and others are still being identified. The Legal Nurse Consultant works with plaintiffs as well as defense attorneys in many different situations, and may even serve as an independent advisor. LNCs deal with lawyers, insurance organizations, medical facilities, treatment centers, government agencies, and health maintenance organizations.

LNCs are often retained by law firms to provide essential support in the preparing of their court cases.  Based on information from the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC), the duties of LNCs normally include performing client interviews, identifying and then acquiring evidence, putting together chronologies associated with medical incidents and correlating them to court case accusations, helping with depositions and even trials, designing and planning exhibits, investigating and also finding expert witnesses, in addition to acting as an expert witness during a court trial.

Specific fields of practice normally include, but aren’t restricted to: wrongful death, forensics, medical insurance, compensation claims, Social Security disability benefits, product legal liability and clinical investigation.

A legal nurse consultant salary is determined by a wide range of variables such as your place of work, geographic region, as well as your area of expertise.

Generally speaking, a legal nurse consultant can expect to be paid a rate ranging from $100 up to $250 per hour. This particular career is a great strategy for registered nurses to earn additional money while they are working a much more manageable schedule.

Legal nurse consultants who work for private hospitals normally earn somewhat less, usually around $60 to $80 per hour. As employees, they usually make around $80,000 a year but will also have other benefits including fully paid vacations, a retirement plan, and even health insurance coverage.

A large number of legal nurse consultants are independent contractors and are self employed. The typical rate billed is usually $100 up to $150 an hour. Although, someone in this particular field can certainly make a lot more than that in cases where they have specialized expertise or can perform essential tasks such as preparing witnesses for trial testimony or perhaps conducting depositions.

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses who finish a legal nurse consulting program and then go into the field simply by working for a law practice should expect to get paid on average around $60 up to $100 an hour. Independent consultants who have successfully completed legal nurse consulting training courses should expect to make generally from $65 to around $200 an hour.

Job opportunities for legal nurse consultants are really good at this time. Most of the nurses who finish a legal nurse consulting training program are employed in law firms, insurance companies, as well as other health care organizations.

Many other nurses who complete legal consulting training are working for themselves. In which case their legal nurse consultant salary is much higher than normal.

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