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legal nurse consultant jobs

Legal nurse consultant jobs entail more than just working in the medical profession. It is true that these nurses have medical training; however, this is not the entire scope of their work there. They work closely with lawyers to provide guidance and professional advice in cases related to medicine. These experts are very important in both the medical and legal field as they bridge the information gap between the legal system and the health care and insurance systems.

Requirements Of Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

To stand a chance of working in this part of the industry, you need much more than a nursing degree. After the years of studying for the medical field, you will have to study for certification in the legal aspects related to the medical environment. This kind of certification gives you a level of credibility such that lawyers can trust you to provide relevant legal advice when called upon. Hospitals will also need to have confidence in your credentials and your capacity to help them understand legal processes.

Duties of a legal nurse consultant

These nurses mostly work cases. The categories they work in include:

1. Medical malpractice

This covers death or injury that stem from aspects of negligence by a health care professional or institution. Ideally speaking, anyone who provides medical services to individuals is vulnerable to these kinds of cases.

2. Product liability

These cases span a wide range of situations where the defendant takes the stand to answer questions relating to injuries sustained by users of their products. These cases do not have to be drug related, as they can also cover non-medical device liabilities such as motor vehicles, food, machines, industrial items as well as household products.

3. Personal injury

This category covers cases that stem from negligence that was not professional and may include car accidents, dog bites, aviation issues, toxic mold controversies, maritime cases, liquor liability, premises liability (physical assault, slip and fall accidents etc.) and many more.

4. Toxic torts & the environment

These cases center on the release of substances that affect a person’s well-being while in the environment. Such cases are related to oil spillage, lead poisoning, radiation, chemicals, disposal of waste, radiation and cases of pesticide effect.

5. Criminal cases

These issues are deemed injurious to societies and contrary to public good. They include sexual assault, driving under the influence g alcohol, psychiatric cases as well as those situations related to the possession and use of narcotics.

Legal nurse consultant jobs keep evolving due to emerging concepts in medicine as well as litigation. For example, professionals in the field are proving to be very handy with cases involving the “right to die” rules that have created a storm of controversy in many states. They also consult widely with environmental and health product professionals on key areas that affect both medicine and the law.

Legal Nurse Consultant Salary

These jobs are very rewarding and flexible as a legal nurse consultant can choose to work on a contractual, permanent or retainer basis. Because of the nomadic nature of the job, it is hard to pin down the exact salaries. However, most people in the profession are in either middle or upper middle class brackets. In some cases, the average rate charge can be between $100 and $150 per hour, while others range between $60 and $80 per hour, however, this usually applies to standard hospitals.

While the profession is mostly centered around the law and medicine, sometimes insurance and matters of the environment come into play. Legal nurse consultant jobs require credentials as well as a sense of discipline, ethics and respect for human life.


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