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The medical field is one of the most popular job fields these days. But, some people are not looking to become a doctor or nurse. For these people, the answer may be to become a medical assistant. Here are some medical assistant requirements.

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The exact details of the medical assistant requirements depends on what your employer wants.

Medical assistants work on the clinical and administrative side of a medical officer. With this job, people of both genders can be independent, yet help out others with their expertise in the medical field. Some may work in a hospital while others may work for outpatient offices.


Every state has their own requirements when it comes to what you need to do to become a medical assistant. However, most states require certification in the field before you can begin working in it. Most people take their education even further by attending a two year program. Having this extra education will be very helpful in finding a better, more well-paying medical assistant position.

After becoming certified, having on-the-job training, and working for five years as a medical assistant, you can then apply to become an RMA, or Registered Medical Assistant. This is ideal for those who want to work in a certain medical specialty. Typically, this means beginning work in a residential community or nursing home. In order to do this, you need to have two years of training. Then, you need to pass an exam, apply, and get a license. Usually, most people will not take this path because they feel as though they can get the money and benefits they need without becoming an RMA.

It is one thing to know you want to become a medical assistant and another to know what exact kind of medical assistant you would like to become. In general, there are two choices. One is to work in extended stay nursing homes or hospitals. When working in one of these facilities, a medical assistant will primarily be working with patients one-on-one, taking care of their daily needs and following the orders of the patient’s doctors. Also, you may need to help out with certain small procedures.

Medical clinics are the other kinds of facilities where a medical assistant may work. Usually, when you work here, you will be working directly with the doctor and will literally assist him and other members of the medical staff.

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Whichever of these two you decide to pick, it’s important to keep in mind that taking a training class is needed to get started and complete one of the medical assistant requirements.


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