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Depending on the project, a traveling nurse job can be full of the hubbub of a hectic emergency room or maybe the laid back hospital floor of people on the mend. The option of what assignment a traveling registered nurse will be performing is up to the nurse themselves!

Normally a traveling nurse’s assignment is just temporary and she is required to work in a variety of medical settings. Work can last from a week or so and in some cases can last as long as the registered nurse is prepared to work. Being a traveling nurse you can function anywhere in the country and it is even possible to expand on your nursing skills. By expending on your skills, it is possible to advance in your nursing profession.

As a traveling nurse you make the decision on which projects you want to take. You have the opportunity not only to help where there is a need but to also travel the world and work in a variety of medical assignments. A traveling nurse job requires that you fill out a lot of paperwork, move around from assignment to assignment and negotiate your contract provisions to name just a few. Which means that the job can be quite a bit more detailed than most nursing jobs.

Traveling nurses are needed for various jobs. Have you ever thought about cruising around the world? Well did you know a cruise ship can not leave port unless there is a doctor or nurse on board? This could be an excellent opportunity for a nurse who loves cruises and wants to combine their love of cruising and their passion for nursing into a lifestyle and career.

Hospitals are often quickly built in disaster areas. These places are always looking for nurses to travel to the area and help in times of crisis. Think of the Katrina hurricane, medical attention was needed in the area and many traveling nurses where employed for this medical disaster.

A traveling nurse’s job can sometimes be more rewarding and challenging than day to day nursing jobs. Quite often you will learn additional skills, sometimes under pressure, in these emergency environments. You may be going to foreign areas that you aren’t familiar with and learning new approaches and ways of doing things. Procedures may not be the same from place to place so as a traveling nurse you are always learning. It is not just a job, it’s a full time learning experience.

Based on the length of some projects and the requirements, some agencies will pay a traveling nurse a bonus to take a particular job. They offer these bonuses as an inducement to pull in nurses where they are greatly needed. Some agencies will even cover the cost of the traveling nurse for their relocation and housing expenses. Some agencies will even provide you with other benefits while you are working for their agency.

When you start looking for the right place of work, it’s best to look at a number of agencies and become aware of exactly what an agency provides. And remember to always get your traveling nurse job compensation, bonuses and length of contract in writing.

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