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how much do dental hygienist make

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when we are trying to figure out the career that we are going to stick with for the rest of our lives. We need to know that we will be able to support ourselves and our families with the money that we bring in. We also need to know that we will have a job that has a schedule that will allow us to see our families.

When we need to know how much do dental hygienist make per year there is only is one simple answer.

On average when it comes to the question of how much do dental hygienist make per year we see they make about 80k per year. This is of course, the wage of a successful dental hygienist that works for a busy dentist. There is a number of dental hygienist that make less then this per year and can be seen pulling in salaries that compare closer to the salary of a dental assistance. Which could be as low as 40k per year.

When we think about the work that a dental hygienist does compared to a dentist we see a fairly easy job. They of course, do not have to worry about finding cavities or problems with the teeth. There only job is to clean them to prevent these problems from recurring in the future. This does not mean of course, that they are unable to spot these problems if they are there. They have the ability to notice cavities and so forth, but do not have to proper training to fix them.

They may also work directly with a dentist as well, almost as a dental assistant. These dental hygienist do not make as much per year as the ones that work more independently. I know it can be difficult to not get your own show, but we all had to start out small before we really made it anyhow. If you are a dental hygienist working as a dental assistant you might be worried about how much do dental hygienist make when they work independently? Just remember that it will happen when you are ready.

Of course, there are several things that a dental hygienist is unable to do that a dentist can besides fix problems with teeth. While dentist are able to write a limited amount of prescriptions, dental hygienist can not write any. This is another reason why they often work under a dentist who does not have this limitation. The dentist can write the prescription for the patient if it is needed.

I hope you end up making the right career choice. I know it can seem tough out there, but becoming a dental hygienist is well worth the reward in the end. All you need to do is work for it and keep your goals in mind. There are other dental careers you might want to check into as well.

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