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CNA dutiesHaving an outstanding work ethic plays an important role in carrying out your CNA duties. Almost everyone is familiar with Certified Nursing Assistants, however most of us don’t truly understand all that is necessary for them to carry out the work they do competently and provide quality care. Time constraints can sometimes make it challenging to resolve to do a job better or perhaps to get more done.

Nursing assistants also need to have really good communication skills. They may be expected to have interactions with patients, close relatives, nursing staff as well as a number of other medical professionals. It is essential that they’re able to effectively express the needs of their patients to these individuals.

It is a well known fact that nursing assistants provide essential care for patients including such things as helping with feeding, bathing and assisting with dressing. But the truth is, this is only a very small aspect of their duties after you take a good look at all of the many tasks related to being a valuable nurse assistant. Even though the particular duties may vary depending on the medical facility where you work, there are many that are found in almost every job location.

Bathing is normally either a shower or simply a bed bath based on the amount of care the patient needs. Personal care including brushing hair, brushing teeth, putting on makeup, cleaning dentures all will have to be done for each patient. Shaving must also be taken into account and carried out when needed.

Taking patients vital signs are usually one of the primary CNA duties.

Taking vital signs consists of temperature, pulse rate, respiration along with blood pressure. This kind of related information is then documented on the patient’s chart and is reviewed by the nursing staff as well as other healthcare professionals.

When patients need help with eating, the process may take 20 minutes to over an hour, depending on the capabilities of the patient and how much food they take in. The CNA has to record the type of drink and food consumed along with the amounts of each on the patient’s chart. A number of patients may have to take vitamins and various other nutritional supplements, which is also the responsibility of the nursing assistant to dispense.

Additionally it is the job of the nursing assistant in a lot of medical locations to be in charge of getting individuals who can feed themselves ready to be taken to the dining room. This could simply be getting their grooming done or maybe helping to move them to a wheelchair and then take them to the dining-room.

Nursing assistants will also need to change any soiled bed linen as well as any other soiled items that might be found on the patient. This is usually on a case by case basis and will be different every day. When interacting with the patient, you will have to record their behaviors. It is essential that you inform the nurse on duty if you notice any changes which happen to be unexpected or otherwise not usually noticed. You will be properly trained in things to look for.

Always keeping a sharp eye out for details will help every nurse assistant with successfully carrying out all of their responsibilities. Taking good care of people changes as their needs change so you must be on the lookout for any signs of these changes.

Along with carrying out all of these important tasks, nursing assistants are also responsible for giving emotional help and support to patients as well as their families. This could be making patients feel more at ease in their surroundings, hanging a picture on the wall for them or helping them make a phone call. Members of the family might also want you to do certain specific things for a patient, for instance braid their hair every day or perhaps keep their fingernails nicely trimmed.

Carrying out all of the tasks of a nursing assistant will take training, commitment, being organized, along with a sincere interest in helping others. It can be an arduous task at times and quite often a job absolutely no one thanks you for doing. Even so, for those who take pleasure from their work and take pride in it, need to know that they provide very valuable services to their patients and the medical profession.

These are just some CNA duties, there will probably be others added to this list depending on where you work.

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