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Every year, many undergraduate college or university students set their hopes and dreams on getting into medical school.  They spend time maximizing their grades in school, having volunteer placements, and preparing applications with the hopes of becoming a medical doctor some day.  Unfortunately, seats are limited in the medical schools and every year great candidates are let down.

If You Plan On Getting Into Medical School, Then Start Your Planning Early

If you have your hopes on getting into medical school then you should get an early start on learning just what it takes to get your application accepted.  The admissions committee at any given university will choose what prerequisites they want to focus on in any given year, but overall there are a few standards that can be counted on as being important.  Learn what these are and you can improve your chance of success!

For starters the first step to getting into medical school is to do your best in your undergraduate degree since one of the most basic screening steps the medical schools have is to only interview people with specific averages or GPAs. The cut off of many schools will be in the range of 80% to 86% though as with everything some schools accept lower grades and others may have a 90% minimum to even consider you.

Secondly, you should start gathering volunteer experience. While volunteering or working in some aspect of the medical field is ideal many people consider any volunteering to be a huge plus. Rather than spread yourself too thin it may be best to choose two or three places you can volunteer at and really become engaged in these organizations. If you can show leadership in the volunteer position then even better!  Some examples would be helping out at a medical fundraiser or working in the hospital long enough to start training other volunteers.

Not every medical school will require the MCAT course as part of the prerequisites, but more and more are beginning to do so.  The MCAT tests writers in a variety of domains including physical sciences, biological sciences, writing, and verbal reasoning.  Many people find that one of the popular MCAT prep courses help them become sufficiently prepared to ace the exam and therefore increase their chances of getting into medical school.

Make Sure That You Have All Of The Requirements For Getting Into Medical School

Being a well rounded person with many interests outside of medicine will help you increase your chances of getting into medical school.  Getting along with others, and developing strong time management skills are other important traits to focus on as well.

Overall, one should always do their research first before applying to a medical college.  You could waste your time and money on the application process if you don’t have all the requirements for getting into medical school in the first place, but by being prepared you can have a more impressive application that stands out from the crowd.


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