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forensic nurse salary

The employment prospects for forensic nurses is excellent. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics anticipates solid growth during the next 10 years.

A forensic nurse salary can fluctuate a great deal which is usually influenced by your geographical area, the level of practical experience you have, as well as who you work for.

You should count on making anywhere between $26 up to $100 per hour which equals approximately $54K to $208K a year.

Needless to say, this particular income spread is especially broad, however pretty much like various other nursing areas, you should really count on increasing your income with the help of tenure and practical experience.

Even so money shouldn’t be the main point in determining if you should go after a job in this particular field. Similar to nurses who are employed in hospitals, you will need to enjoy being able to help people. In placed of assisting patients, more often than not, you will be helping crime victims.

The hospital usually establishes the forensic nurse salary which is often at least one and half times that of a typical registered nurse.

Because the initial place of contact is generally a medical facility, that’s the place almost all forensic nurses are normally found. Bigger hospitals that have forensic medical laboratories and are much more actively involved in investigative techniques will be more inclined to pay higher than average salaries.

The best way to get the training necessary to become a forensic nurse is generally to start off as a RN and then sign up for a training course tailored for forensic nurses. The fact is, almost all of these programs mandate that you have be a RN as a requirement.

Nearly all colleges that have a forensic nursing degree program can help you in getting a Master of Science in Forensic Nursing within two years or so. In addition, the development of online education and learning makes it easy to get your forensic nursing diploma totally online and to even personalize your degree program for the part of forensic nursing that is most interesting to you.


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