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er nurse salaryLike with a lot of health care jobs, the place where you work determines, to a large degree, your er nurse salary. Places where the living costs are much higher usually end up paying more, in order to make up for the much higher living costs.

Typically, these are the much more densely populated cities; large metropolitan areas that include Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Chicago are excellent illustrations. An er nurse salary is probably going to be a lot higher in one of these areas compared to, for instance, in a really small community in North Dakota.

At least one of the positive aspects to being an emergency room registered nurse is the fact that you will find there’s an overall shortage of nurses, which makes selecting the right job opportunity much easier than it is likely to be in some other career fields.

Considering the fact that ER RNs happen to be in demand then an ER nurse salary will be very competitive.

A beginning emergency room nurse should expect to earn somewhere around $19.70 to just over $25.70 an hour, as reported by Payscale.com. ER RNs who have 20 years or more of practical experience could possibly make anywhere from $28.70 to over $37.70 on an hourly basis.

If, after finding out how to become an er nurse, you make the decision to select this particular profession, you will definitely be on the road to probably the most fast moving as well as demanding yet very satisfying jobs in the nursing career field. You will find nursing career opportunities throughout the land as an emergency room nurse, since this is one of several jobs having the most market demand throughout the whole health care marketplace.

An er nurse salary usually starts at around $47,000.00 and can go up to over $55,000.00 a year, once again based upon your geographical area.

Salaries for er nursing jobs can vary depending on practical experience, geographic area as well as your speciality.

ER nursing is a demanding but yet very well paid profession. The requirements for the ER nurse to work vary depending on the actual size of the medical facility together with their emergency section. Newly graduated nurses could be hired for the ER department sometimes, but in most cases the unit wants nurses that have specific kinds of acute care knowledge or at least who happens to be enrolled in an accredited ER training program.

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