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ER Nurse Job DescriptionEmergency room nurses are in charge of making sure that high priority ER patients receive the care they require as quickly as they need it.

The ER nurse job description below will hopefully give you the information that you need so that you can determine if ER nursing is of interest to you.

ER nurses provide primary patient medical care and evaluation. Often referred to as trauma nurses, they evaluate patients and give essential triage, complete treatments which can include intubation, inserting IVs as well as giving prescription medications. Some act as transport nurses, giving medical assistance to patients while they are carried to a medical center in a helicopter or some other kind of vehicle.

Emergency room nurses in most cases are registered nurses who have a bachelor’s or maybe an associate’s college degree, or perhaps a diploma or degree from an accredited nursing training course. They also must have finished a national licensing exam. ER nurses will often have many years of nursing experience.

ER nurses have to be capable of making very quick decisions. They have to figure out the medical requirements of patients that may have life threatening injuries sometimes on their own or perhaps in consultation with medical doctors as well as other healthcare staff. Being able to work and also interact effectively with other people is a required skill. Nurses also need to display emotional balance given that emergency rooms expose them to cases of individual hurting not to mention emotional stress.

Emergency room nurses can also work in private hospitals and also in stand-alone emergency rooms. Quite a few are employed in the armed forces and are skilled in the treatment of battle wounds. These types of conditions are usually hectic and quite demanding. ER nurses usually work long hours and also spend most of that time period on their feet. Almost all emergency rooms are open around the clock, and ER nurses typically work very late into night or perhaps into the early morning.

ER nurses also track the patients’ signs and symptoms to make sure that the doctor has all of the information that he needs before seeing the patient. ER RNs also checks the patient’s general well being by doing things such as checking their blood pressure, determining if there are any breathing issues in addition to finding out if the patient is on any prescription drugs. All of this lets the doctors make shorter visits, that will then help make it possible for those doctors to visit a lot more patients.

An ER RN is responsible for responding to any other concerns that a patient may have neglected to ask the doctor, and they also advise patients about their medications and just how frequently the prescribed medicines need to be taken. ER nurses usually are responsible for helping with transferring patients from the emergency room to operating rooms when needed.

Just about every medical center will probably have specific procedures as well as policies. Federal laws and regulations also pertain to ER nurses, for instance privacy act laws that forbid health care employees from divulging specific types of medical related information to certain individuals. An ER RN should be aware of and adhere to all these laws and regulations in order to help keep the emergency room operating smoothly, effectively and within the law.

Hopefully this has given you some information about the duties of an emergency room nurse.  But be aware that these are just a small sample of an ER nurse job description.

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