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certified nursing assistant job descriptionThe certified nursing assistant job description encompasses a vital responsibility in the medical care field. With the challenging requirement for health care globally, there is a high demand for nursing assistants. By becoming a nursing assistant, you can become employed in a wide range of medical services including hospitals, nursing homes and medical offices. These assistants work under the administration of an in-charge nurse or a physician in the company or facility where they are employed.

Additional Duties Of The Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description Is That They Lend A Hand To Patients Requiring Ambulatory Care

While on the job, they perform many duties that are mandatory and often very demanding. Nursing assistants are the ones that spend a lot of time with the patients and ensure that the whole process is going well. The additional duties of the certified nursing assistant job description is that they lend a hand to patients requiring ambulatory care. Several patients may be in wheel chairs or using some kind of walker. The CNA is trained to appropriately help the patient to get around. Some other patients may not be strong enough to move around in their wheel chairs – this is where the nursing assistant helps the patients get to where they need to go.

Another part of the certified nursing assistant job description is to offer assistance to the patients during meal times. The nursing assistant will help serve the meals, sometimes they may need to help the patients to cut their food if needed or even help in feeding the patients. Many patients may need to be moved to a different locations or need to be propped up when they eat. This is the nursing assistants’ duty to support them so the patient can eat the meal provided. In addition to this, after meal time, the CNA helps to clean the patients as required.

The other parts of the certified nursing assistant job description include hygiene and general housekeeping. When a patient needs their sheets changed and blankets washed, as a nursing assistant you must make sure that this is done. This does not mean that you are the one who has to do the washing, but it means that it is you who is responsible for getting the bedding replaced and cleaned. Also, the CNA must bath their patients as well as helping them in putting on their clothes. If the patient needs any assistance for brushing their teeth or hair, this is just another task of the CNA. For the needy patients, assisting them in using the restroom is another responsibility of the certified nursing assistant.

Some Duties Are Not In The Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

There are certain additional responsibilities that are part of the certified nursing assistant job description; like making rounds and vital sign checks of the patients, getting information such as blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. While not in the certified nursing assistant job description, the CNA should always give emotional support to their patients.

As you can see, it is very difficult to define the certified nursing assistant job description with just words, this is actually much more than just a job.

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