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certified nurse anesthetistA certified nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is a certified advanced practice nurse (APRN) who does exactly the same assignments in pain management just like an anesthesiologist. Being an advanced practice nurse, CRNAs have a master’s degree in nursing in the speciality of anesthesiology and they have also taken and passed a specialized exam that gives them national accreditation in all of the fifty states. Certified nurse anesthetists salaries are some of the highest in the nursing sector which makes this an excellent choice for those individuals thinking about following a more advanced career in nursing.

A Certified Nurse Anesthetist salary ranges from around $169,000 to over $195,000 annually.

A starting salary is usually around $125,000 and the average salary is from $134,000 to over $154,000 – this depends on your geographic location, the speciality that you work in and your experience. The projected growth in this field is good because of the aging population.

A certified nurse anesthetist has an advanced level of necessary skills as well as practical knowledge. As reported by the AANA, most CRNA training courses consist of close to 1700 clinical hours where nursing students dispense 800 to 900 anesthetics leading up to their college graduation.

Even though some certified nurse anesthetists work alongside anesthesiologists, a lot of Nurse Anesthetists work on their own, delivering all of the anesthetic services for the medical center, private doctor’s clinic, or medical clinic. Due to their considerable level of responsibilities and also independence CRNAs are given, probably the most thorough training of any master’s degree student nurses.

Requirements for almost any nurse anesthetist program is usually a Bachelor of Science degree (BSN), a license as a RN and a minimum of one full year of practical work experience as a RN in an acute care environment. The certified nurse anesthetist degree program usually takes 2 to 3 years to finish, this consists of college classes as well as clinical experience. At completion, a master’s degree is awarded.

You will find that there’s an ever increasing need for certified nurse anesthetists as well as a lot of interesting job opportunities in many different areas.

A nurse anesthetist is among the highest paid professions in the nursing career field, having a average yearly pay scale of around $160,000. Recently, nurse anesthetist incomes have risen to where they are just about equal to the earnings of a family practice doctor. Although there are awesome responsibilities involved with being a certified nurse anesthetist, this is actually the most wanted nursing specialty.

Certified nurse anesthetist instruction courses, or CRNA preparation courses, have become very specialized training classes created for licensed and RNs who wish to move ahead in their profession. CRNA educational facilities that are recognized through the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists provide you with extensive college classes and also practical training at the master’s instruction level and so prepare their students for a successful professional career in anesthesia administration. For anyone who is already a registered nurse and also has a BSN or a MSN, you might already be eligible to sign up for a certified nurse anesthetist training course.

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