15 Hot In-Demand Nursing Careers

Here are 15 hot in-demand nursing careers that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the future job outlook is very good. If you are looking for a career where the future looks bright and the pay is above average then take a look at these nursing careers.

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All About Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Legal nurse consultant jobs require credentials as well as a sense of discipline, ethics and respect for human life. While the profession is mostly centered around the law and medicine, sometimes insurance and matters of the environment come into play.

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Physician Assistant vs Nurse Practitioner Salary

When discussing physician assistant vs nurse practitioner salary differences, few people can actually point them out, let alone discuss the differences in salary. The fact of the matter is that both of these separate professions are similar in certain ways, while quite different in others.

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What Is The Starting Salary For Neonatal Nurses

The starting salary for neonatal nurses average about $50,240 per year on the average in the United States. A median rate per hour for all neonatal nurses is $30.73, which is around $63,000 plus per year, so it is evident that there is room for growth in pay due to experience.

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Nursing Assistant Career Training

Nurse Assistant TrainingCheck PriceMosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants – Soft Cover Version, 8eCheck PriceNursing Assistant / Nurse Aide ExamCheck PriceThe Nurse’s AssistantCheck PriceThe Nurse AssistantCheck PriceLippincott Textbook For Nursing Assistants: A Humanistic Approach to CaregivingCheck PriceMosby’s Textbook for Nursing AssistantsCheck … Continue reading →

Surgical Nurse Practitioner Salary

The average surgical nurse practitioner salary at the moment is around $91,023 per year, which is something like $29-$44 per hour. The starting salary is normally $24-$36, though by the end of their career, a nurse practitioner could be making as much as $52 per hour.

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