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Canadian medical schools
Canadian medical schools are rapidly opening up more seats to trainees. Canadians interested in getting into medical school will be excited to learn that the government is putting a great amount of emphasis on the importance of training more doctors.  There are several reasons why this is important to the future of health care in Canada.  Ultimately this means that every year it should become slightly easier to get into medical school in Canada.

Canadian Medical Schools Need To Train More Doctors

As the population ages, there is an increasing number and percentage of elderly Canadians.  Lacking foresight in the late 20th Century, the Canadian government decided to start cutting funding towards the training of new doctors which quickly resulted in a doctor shortage.  This problem was compounded by the so called “brain drain” which saw many doctors lured to the United States.

The government finally realized that this could no longer be sustainable and is turning things around by training more medical doctors to help treat the aging baby boomer population.  To increase spots, many of the Canadian medical schools are opening satellite campuses to help distribute the young doctors-in-training.

There are officially 17 Canadian medical schools, six of which are in Ontario.  Like much of the rest of Canada, most Ontario medical schools are meeting the need for extra students by opening up distributed sites.  For example, McMaster medical school now trains many young doctors in Kitchener; the Northern Ontario Medical School trains people in both Sudbury and Thunder Bay.  Many other schools are doing similar things to help meet the demands for more Canadian doctors.

A second emphasis is on the need for rural family doctors.  Many of the newly training young doctors have not yet finished either medical school or residency (somewhat similar to an internship in the USA or abroad).  It is shocking what percentage of Canadian citizens still do not have a family doctor.  The government is creating incentives to help promote family medicine and to recruit more medical students to fill the needs of patients in smaller communities.

You Now Have More Chances Of Getting Accepted Into Canadian Medical Schools

So, what does this mean for your changes of getting into medical school in Canada?  More potential seats means a slightly higher chance of being accepted.  For example, the some schools have increased the number of medical school spots by as much as 25% in just the past 4 years alone!

To help your chances of getting into Canadian medical schools, it is best if you are willing to apply to any school in the country.  The more applications you send out, the more interviews you may get, and the better your chances of being accepted into Canadian medical schools!


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