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becoming a pharmacy technicianAre you thinking about becoming a pharmacy technician? A pharmacy tech salary is what entices many people to go into this line of work. It’s good money and good benefits even right out of school. In some companies, you can even work under the apprenticeship of a licensed pharmacist while you’re in school completing your goal of getting a certification or diploma.

If you are thinking about becoming a pharmacy technician, following are some of their duties and responsibilities.

Pharmacy technician responsibilities are going to vary depending on the type of environment you’re working in. For example, if you choose to work directly in a retail pharmacy, your duties would include accepting prescriptions both from patients and through an over the phone call-in system. You would also have to know how to properly mix powdered medication or dilute medicine to the prescribed strength.

You would need to know how to accurately count pills and make sure that the instructions for the medicine and the identifying labels were correct. You might also be required to deal with the insurance end of this career.

You would have to deal obtaining confirmation of insurance and handling any problems that arose with the insurance claims. You would be required to keep accurate records of each patient’s medication allergies. Taking payments for the medication and knowing what medical supplies were on hand might also be part of your duties.

Other things that you may have to deal with if you are considering becoming a pharmacy technician is that your responsibilities might be a little more stringent if you choose to work in a hospital setting. Because of the possible breeding ground for germs, a pharmacy inside a hospital has to be more sterile.

You would measure and mix as well as label prescription medications the same way you would in a retail pharmacy. You would be charged with double checking the accuracy of dosages and keeping up with how much medications were on hand. You would also need to be aware of the viability of the medicines and make sure that when it was time to toss out expired medicines that all state and federal disposal laws were followed.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand the responsibilities if you are planning on becoming a pharmacy technician.


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