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10 hot healthcare jobsIf you are looking for a job where you don’t have to spend the time and money to get a bachelor degree then you need to look at the healthcare field. This field is expanding rapidly and will be around for a long time.

Here are 10 hot healthcare jobs that don’t require a bachelor degree and in most cases, only require that you have an associate degree, diploma, certification or license.

  1. Nursing – There are many different types of nurses but most people first think of registered nurses. While this is a great career to have, there are many other types of nursing. If you love nursing and would like to get into this field, you should know what skills you have in order to find the best field for you.
  2. Ultrasound Technician – Typically the prerequisites for an ultrasound technician includes a high school diploma with an associate degree or else official certifications in diagnostic medical sonography through an authorized university or college. There is also a one-year certification training course in ultrasound technology, however it is primarily meant to be completed by those who are currently in the healthcare sector. As an alternative, you may prefer to take two-year certification training programs through a good ultrasound tech institution.
  3. Physical Therapy Assistant – Just like in other fields of study, physical therapy also has specialty areas that branch out from the general field. The five most common specialty areas are orthopedic, geriatric, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, and pediatric therapy.
  4. Dental HygienistYou need to have at least have an associate degree for dental hygiene before they can get their license to start working. Employment opportunities for dental hygienists is expected to grow at a rate of around 38% per year. Assuming this demand stays consistent throughout the rest of the decade then it’s also very likely that their average income will rise as well, due to increased demand.
  5. Pharmacy Technician – As you’re considering whether to become a pharmacy tech, you may be curious about pharmacy technician requirements. While there is usually a certain amount of on the job training, there is also a need for formal pharmacy tech training, and you will find that there are other pharmacy technician requirements.
  6. Dialysis Technician – While dialysis technician positions are widely available in hospitals, jobs are also available in clinics and outpatient facilities. Some dialysis technicians also work in the private residence of patients who have dialysis at home.
  7. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist – The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist career future growth outlook looks really good, as it is projected to grow around 28% per year through at least 2020. This is a lot faster growth rate than most other occupations. The demand for these specialists will grow with an aging population and people with rehabilitation needs such as people with disabilities and veterans.
  8. Phlebotomy SpecialistsPhlebotomy training courses usually last from four months to a year or so. Admittance to the training course usually just calls for a high school degree or equivalent. The actual time frame for the program varies depending on the school. Training opportunities are usually provided at technical schools, vocational centers as well as local hospitals.
  9. Lab Technician – Just about all medical laboratory technicians have either an associates degree through a community college or else from a vocational school, or perhaps a certificate from a hospital training course or maybe through a vocational training program. Some lab technicians end up getting on-the-job training rather than conventional education and learning.
  10. Medical Assistant – When you enroll in a program to become a medical assistant you will have the chance to find out about the many different medical assistant job descriptions, learn the best techniques, duties as well as medical terminology.

These 10 hot healthcare jobs that don’t require a bachelor degree should give you a good idea about what kind of jobs are available. However there are a lot more jobs within the healthcare career field and you can get a lot more information at the Medical Career Center.


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